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By Design

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By Design
by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

Dr Jonathan Sarfati presents case after case for amazing design in the living world, and demolishes theories of chemical evolution of the first life. Today, the ID ("intelligent desing") movement is capturing headlines (and igniting controversy) around the world. But in the process, many are coming to think that a credible challenge to the dominant Darwinian naturalism of our time means backing away from a clear stand for the truth of the Bible. This enables him to refute many anti-design arguments, and answer the key question: ‘Who is the Designer?’

In the process, By Design is set to become a classic of the creation movement-in the same vein as Dr. Jonathan Sarfati's comprehensive Refuting Compromise, which is arguably the most powerful biblical and scientific defense of straightforward Genesis in existence. (High School–Adult) 260 pages


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