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Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers: The Trinity

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Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers: The Trinity
by Joey Allen

Fundamental teachings about God written in simple but accurate language The Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers introduces children ages four to eight to the fundamental teachings about God based on the Bible. The most foundational teachings of the Christian faith are presented in this book at a level preschool and elementary children can understand. Colorful illustrations compliment every page of orthodox Christian doctrine, creating an enjoyable learning experience for the child. In contrast to self-centered theology and watered-down Bible storybooks, the Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers promotes God-centered theology with simple and precise teaching while offering stability and a strong, lasting connection with the faith. The Trinity promotes the doctrine that there is one God who exists in three persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This teaching is foundational for a child’s understanding of God; a fact about the Trinity is presented on each page, leading the child to a stronger faith

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