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Case of the Missing Mountain (The)

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The Case of the Missing Mountain
Kim Jones

An action-packed mystery that provides explosive fun and stimulating activities!

  • Filled with secret codes to solve, mazes to wander through, crossword puzzles to decipher, and much more, a child becomes a detective in search of answers
  • An entertaining and informative way to teach children about young Earth creation concepts
  • Uses a mix of activities and research to unveil the mystery of Mount St. Helens and how it revealed powerful evidences for Creation

The book is filled with assorted activities that will both fascinate and inform kids. Using the spark of curiosity, it provides a unique way of getting children to think about the power of God in the world.  This amazing book also gives adults a means to interact with their children or students in order to help them understand how the Flood was more than able to reshape the world at the time of Noah.

 Author Kim Jones formerly served as a guide at Mount St. Helen's Seven Wonders Museum. She worked with many other experts to compile the facts for this title. Ages 7-11

81/2 x 11 • 80 Pages • Paperback

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