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Discovering evidence for Creation and the Biblical Flood

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Discovering evidence for Creation and the Biblical Flood
Michael Oard, Tara Wolfe & Chris Turbuck

Geology Rocks!
Would you like your children to be introduced to the world of geology- from a biblical perspective?

This one-of-a-kind geology book is packed with evidence to help children learn about the earth beneath their feet. It lets them see how the rock can be explained by the history of the Bible, and appreciate the effects of creation and Noah's flood on what they see in the world.

Mr. Hibbs, a curious and amazing grasshopper, will take them on a journey. See how he captivates their imagination with his questions and antics on all sorts of interesting geology topics. Though its strikingly illustrated pages they will also discover exciting information about rocks, minerals, fossils, stalagmites, crystals and much, much more.

Exploring geology also has lots of hands-on activities that will stay in their memory. These simply experiments can be done at home with readily available ingredients, and provide great opportunity to learn by doing. Age: 8 & up


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