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Jesus Unmasked

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Jesus Unmasked: The Truth Will Shock You
by Todd Friel

Jesus Christ is the most famous man in human history, but exactly who was He? Some say a fable; others think just one option among many good teachers, or even a nice guy who taught morals. Do any of these descriptions capture the totality of who He was? Jesus Unmasked goes directly to the world’s greatest expert on Jesus Christ, Jesus Himself:

•Who Jesus said He was and why He said it the way He did
•What historical accounts and Biblical details reveal versus what we assume
•Why 4000 years of history, prophecy and chronology force every human being to render their verdict about this one man.

When you encounter Jesus Unmasked, you will not be ambivalent. Jesus gives us clarity and insight into the nature of God. Interact with what Jesus taught about Himself and draw your own conclusions to the world’s most important question: “Who is the real Jesus?”

Jesus Unmasked will blast a bright light into a dark and dying world. Give Jesus Unmasked to the atheist in your life.—Ray Comfort, founder of Living Waters ministry

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