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Sharing the Truth in Love

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Sharing the Truth in Love: How to Relate to People of Other Faiths
Ajith Fernando understands how to share the gospel in a pluralistic society, having lived all his life among people of Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic cultures. In Sharing the Truth in Love, you'll find loving and graceful advice for beginning Christ-centred friendships with just about anyone!

Approaching people with differing ethnic and religious practices can be quite a challenge let alone sharing with them your Christian faith! In this notable work by Youth for Christ Sri Lanka Director Ajith Fernando, youll find a loving and graceful way to begin a friendship with just about anyone, and find a common ground from which to build relationships for Christ. With real-life experiences in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic cultures, Fernando brings the light of love into every relationship. Let Fernando guide you out of the confusion and into the richly rewarding field of befriending others in your own diverse community.

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