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Shark Tooth Necklace

Price: $8.00


Our shark teeth are from Moroccan phosphate mines. Each one is approximately ½-1 inch in length. This hand-made necklace features a fossil shark tooth with black beads on either side so that the pendant stays in place.  Each shark tooth necklace is equipped with lobster claw claps with two-inch extensions. Additionally, the unique packaging briefly shares the Biblical truth about sharks – when they were created and why we find their fossils.

People of all ages and interests love shark tooth necklaces! The versatile black cord and neutral-colored beads make it perfect for everyone – from children to adults, male or female. 

Each Shark Tooth Necklace Features:

  • 0.5-1.0″ long genuine shark tooth*
  • Tooth is on a 18″ cord
  • Features a lobster clasp and 2″ chain extender
  • Features minimal, neutral-colored beading to keep the shark tooth from sliding
  • A brief Biblical history of sharks on the packaging

*Please Note: Due to their real nature, actual fossil colors and sizes will vary.

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