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Faith on the Edge (Flat Earth)

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There’s a new wave of Christians converting to a belief in the flat earth and it’s having a serious impact on the credibility of biblical creationists because many flat-earthers are creationists! Are you equipped to give biblical and scientific answers to questions that will inevitably come from family and friends? The last thing you want is for people to lump you in with flat-earth believers because that could damage your credibility as a biblical creationist!

Faith on the Edge: Exploring the Biblical & Scientific Case Against the Flat Earth is a nearly two-hour DVD in which The Creation Guys – Kyle Justice and Pat Roy – talk to experts like Answers in Genesis astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner and Apollo astronaut Charlie Duke, who refute the claims that our planet is flat. You’ll also witness real-life experiments, such as sending a 360˚ camera 22.75 miles up into the atmosphere via a weather balloon!

Length: 117 minutes
Ages: Teens – Adults

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