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Beyond The Stars

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Beyond The Stars

Every clear night, humanity is treated to an overwhelming celestial show. Twinkling stars of all varieties fill the sky as the heavens declare the glory of God. What is beyond the stars? Branyon May (Ph.D.) leads viewers through our Universe highlighting cosmic design, revealing evidences from the galaxies, stars, and planets that point to our Creator. Come explore the complex, vast, and fine-tuned characteristics of our Cosmos.

Lessons include:

    Our Complex Cosmos – 6:47 min
    Our Vast Cosmos  – 5:15 min
    Our Fine-tuned Cosmos  – 4:10 min
    Galaxies  – 6.17 min
    Stars  – 7:51 min
    The Sun  – 10:12 min
    Mercury  – 4:42 min
    Venus  – 6:39 min
    Mars  – 6:29 min
    Jupiter  – 6:12 min
    Saturn  – 5:06 min
    Uranus & Neptune  – 5.51 min
    Earth’s Moon  – 9.29 min

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