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One Race One Blood

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One Race One Blood reveals the origins of the horrors of discrimination, the biblical truth of “interracial” marriage, as well as the proof revealed in the Bible that God created only one race. Explore the science of genetics, melanin and skin tone, affected by the history of the Tower of Babel and the origin of people groups around the world.

Ethnic cleansing, genocide, “racial” conflicts have taken place from colonialism to Nazi Germany to modern day. We are a society, nation, and world in continued conflict. We are increasingly being identified and divided by designations of “racial” groups. Many of these unfortunate divisions have been fueled by the troublesome threads of “scientific” racism which emerged from Darwinian evolution.

Education can teach, workshops can inform, laws can protect, but what is the defining answer to ending the notion of “racial” division? Since racism is a heart issue – a sin issue – it is one that only the truth of God’s inerrant Word will overcome.

“And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth….” (Acts 17:26 KJV)
Table of Contents

    1. Darwin's Garden
    2. A Bridge Too Far
    3. The True Origin of the Species
    4. The Human Kind
    5. One Blood
    6. One Flesh
    7. Grace Relations
    8. New Seeds
    Appendix A: Hijacking the Civil Rights Bus: Homosexuality and the Scriptures
    Appendix B: Misconceptions and/or Common Mistakes about Reconciliation
    Appendix C: Honest Insight
    Appendix D: The Grace Relations Track Assessment Tool
    Appendix E: 15 Steps to Grace

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