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HD: The Amazing Stars

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The Heavens Declare: The Amazing Stars

Featuring Dr. Don DeYoung, Dr. Danny R. Faulkner, Dr. Russ Humpreys, Dr. Jason Lisle, and Spike Psarris; Produced by Kyle Justice  

The experts explore how many stars are in the universe, what different types of stars are there, what is the purpose of stars, why new star formation isn’t happening, why the naturalistic formation of stars does not work, why do stars die, and why should we explore the universe.

Study Guide Questions and Topics Included with DVD:

    What is the Purpose of Stars?
    How Many Stars are There?
    Abraham and the Stars
    What Types of Stars are There?
    Are New Stars Forming?
    Hasn't Star Formation Been Observed?
    Are Stars as Far Away as They Say?
    Do Stars Die Because of the Curse?
    Do We See the Gospel in the Stars?
    Why Do You Love Astronomy?

Length: 40 minutes
Technicality: Layman
Ages: Teens – Adults

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