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A Scientific Deconstruction of the Theory of Evolution

We've been told that modern science and the theory of evolution have disproved the Genesis account of creation. We've been told that the fossil record proves that humans evolved from ape-like creatures (known as hominins) over a period of several millions of years. Our evolution from hominin ancestors allegedly occurred through a long series of mutations and the reproductive filter of natural selection. Yet, compelling evidence from the major fields of science including biology, paleoanthropology, and modern genetics has cast serious doubt on the evolutionary view of natural history. Surprisingly, DNA analyses of people living around the world powerfully reveal why the biblical account of creation is not as far-fetched as we've been told.

DISMANTLED presents fascinating evidence supported by leading, peer-reviewed scientific journals. Interviews with several well-credentialed scientists further illuminate how the findings from modern science are collapsing the theory of evolution and simultaneously confirming the biblical view of origins recorded in the Book of Genesis.

Features leading creation scientists from Answers in Genesis, including; Dr. Andrew Snelling, Dr. Georgia Purdom, and Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, as well as other top scientists.


Product Audience: High School-Adult
Presenter: Dr Robert Carter & Dr John Sanford
Length: 93 Minutes
Format: DVD

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