Creation to Babel: Commentary for Families

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Creation to Babel
In a society mired in godlessness and humanism, parents are given the high calling of raising children who will know the Truth, live the Truth, and take the Truth into the next generations. In Creation to Babel, today's Christian family will find a unique commentary on Genesis 1 - 11 to ensure the biblical foundation is established in their children’s hearts.

Perfect for family devotions and Bible studies, Creation to Babel:

    Offers parents a powerful combination of apologetics and doctrine.
    Instills biblical answers to contemporary issues such as gender, gay "marriage," abortion, racism, and others.
    Provides answers to the most-asked questions people have about these passages with applications to personal living.
    Helps families put themselves under the authority of the Word, and not over it.

Ken Ham, founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, partners with parents to hammer home the importance of understanding God’s infinite greatness compared to our human finite understanding.

“We must let God’s Word speak to us, and not impose our beliefs on God’s Word.” - Ken Ham

Table of Contents

    1. Day One
    2. Day Two
    3. Day Three
    4. Day Four
    5. Day Five
    6. Day Six - Part 1
    7. Day Six - Part 2
    8. Genesis 2
    9. Genesis 3
    10. Genesis 4
    11. Genesis 5
    12. Genesis 6
    13. Genesis 7
    14. Genesis 8
    15. Genesis 9
    16. Genesis 10
    17. Genesis 11
    18. A Tribute
    Appendix 1
    Appendix 2
    Appendix 3
    Appendix 4

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