Scientific Facts in the Bible

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This book shows the scientific facts that existed in the Bible long before “science” became aware of them.

An elderly lady once left $20,000 and “my Bible and all it contains” to her nephew. The young man knew what the Bible contained, so he didn’t bother to open it. He merely picked it up, put it on a high shelf in his house, and headed for Las Vegas.

It wasn’t long until all his money was gone. He lived the next 60 years as a pauper, scraping for every meal and barely having clothes on his back.

As he was moving to a convalescent home, he reached up to grab the old Bible and accidentally dropped it from his trembling hands. It fell to the floor and opened, revealing a $100 bill between every page.

That man lived his life as a pauper when he could have lived in luxury, simply because of his prejudice. He thought he knew what the Bible contained.

Most people don’t know that the Bible contains a wealth of incredible scientific, medical, and prophetic facts. The implications are mind-boggling…

Book Reviews

“Love it. I looked up everything in the Bible and you know what….its all there! Great book! I recommend to anyone who doubts the Bible or is just interested in some of the truths revealed in it.”

“Wow… I didn’t know! I read the Bible, but after reading this little book, it was as though I hadn’t read it at all! And there were some “facts” I questioned, but then when I did the research, Ray Comfort was RIGHT! I realized there was a lot more to learn from the Bible, and I’m looking with new eyes now.”

“Ray Comfort covers, in a nutshell, subjects from medicine and biology to astronomy and archaeology – all in his easy-to-read and entertaining style. For its quick overview of the highlights of the Bible’s scientific accuracy, this little book is in my top ten. But then, in my humble opinion, Ray Comfort is one of the best writers ever.”

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