Why God?

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Why God? - DVD
by Eric Lyons

This DVD contains 35 mini lessons, 3 to 10 minutes in length, with answers to a wide variety of apologetic questions in an informative, practical, and engaging teachings. There are a series of three provocative themes that these lessons fall under, “Why God,” “God, Evolution, and the Bible,” and “Is the Bible Contradictory?”  The lessons are made of thoughtful, excellent, shortened and to the point responses foundational to our faith. It is a wonderful resource for Christians to evangelize and affirm their faith in God’s Word.

Why God? (13 Lessons, 67 min total runtime) Can atheism logically explain the existence of the Universe and everything in it, or does God exist? Does an honest investigation of the world around us logically lead to a Creator, or does godless naturalism sufficiently explain design, intelligence, and morality?

Time, Evolution, and the Bible (11 Lessons, 65 min total runtime) The Bible is not silent about origins, time, and the sequence of Creation. Time and chronology are also important to naturalistic evolutionists, who admit that if the Earth is not billions of years old, but much younger, then evolution is not true.

Is the Bible Contradictory? (11 Lessons, 61 min total runtime) Skeptics contend that the Bible is unworthy of belief because the authors made all manner of blunders in writing it. Is this true? Did the Bible writers err in penning Scripture?

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