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Genesis Files

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The Genesis Files
by Carl Wieland

Many universities teach evolution as fact; museums tell us that history dates to millions of years. Surely by now, everyone (especially scientists) believes that the earth and its inhabitants have evolved over millions and billions of years to the present. Everyone? Well, no, not everyone.

Millions (including scientists) are still holding to the truths of Genesis and the Bible. Presented within this book are 22 interviews with scientists from around the world who believe in a literal six-day creation. You’ll encounter:

A senior research chemist at DuPont who helped develop the bulletproof vest who says, "It’s clearly a gross over-simplification to state that if some simulated lightning is put into a beaker and creates some amino acids, you are on the way to making life."

The authority on cave geology who found himself "going to remote places, sometimes isolated mountainous areas . . . to do the translation live" of English-language Christian videos which were illegal in his communist Romanian home.

The zoologist who states, "When I started lecturing to my students (about creation evidences) at my previous university, it caused havoc, and I had to leave because of it."

The inventor of the MRI scanning technology who remarks, "the highest purpose a man can find for his life is to serve the will of God."

An aerospace engineer who designs missiles and affirms, "the Bible and true science are in perfect harmony."

Who says all "real scientists" believe in evolution? As editor Carl Wieland puts it, "There are tens of thousands of scientists going about their everyday work and research who find absolutely no reason in science to bow to the idols of evolutionary humanism."


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