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T is for T-Rex

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T is for T-Rex

T is for T.rex: Some of God’s Most Amazing Creatures from A to Z is a beautifully illustrated children's book designed to help kids learn about dinosaurs in a fresh, fun and informative way.

Containing funny rhymes, humorous illustrations and fasinating facts, T is for T.rex will both entertain and inform young minds about some of the strangest and most fantastic animals to ever walk (fly over or swim upon) the earth, like Tyrannosaurus rex and other dinosaurs, flying and marine reptiles, giant, Ice Age mammals and more! Written from a young-earth creation science perspective, it stresses the importance of God’s Word, the Bible, in interpreting the fossil evidence for these amazing creatures, as well as in explaining their behavior. It also points to Noah’s Flood as the key to understanding earth’s geology and the fossil record.

Generally aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 12, adults will also enjoy reading T is for T.rex to their kids—and are likely to learn some new facts about many of the most popular and not-so-popular dinosaurs and other fantastic animals from the fossil record it features. In a very real sense, T is for T.rex could be called a children’s book about dinosaurs for adults!


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