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Dinosaur Quest Plus Free Study Guide

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Author: Felice and Christina Gerwitz

Rocky Mountain National Park is home to thousands of wild animals, but a dinosaur? Can it truly be possible that the fossilized remains of Tyrannosaurus rex are millions of years old?

The Trex is found high up near the summit of Diamond Peak. It is a treacherous climb, not for the faint-hearted. A paleontological dig is in process and Dr. Jack Murphy has been hired to photograph it for a creation science magazine. A turn of events thrusts his teenagers into the middle of this project. It's now up to fifteen-year old Anna, and sixteen-year old Christian to complete the assignment. But a warning, followed by a series of incidents, leads the Murphy teens to suspect that things are not what they seem. Is the dinosaur really 65-million years old? Will lab results confirm this finding?

Meanwhile, they deal with theirs hosts' affluent lifestyle , the crazy antics of their neighbors, and the mysterious and life threatening goings-on at the dig. They must also defend their knowledge in creation against those whose evolutionary beliefs try to undermine their faith. Anna and Christian quickly realize that only by the grace and protection of God will they be able to survive this adventure!

In the Truth Seekers Mystery Series, you'll experience adventure, mystery, heart stopping suspense, and faith played out first-hand by the Murphy family. This action adventure mystery will keep you guessing to the very end!

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