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Aliens Intrusion Book and DVD Offer

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Make an Impact and Support our Ministry Today! We would like to make these two resources available for a minimum donation of $35.00. This engaging DVD and this informative booklet make a comprehensive package dealing with this controversial topic that we need to provide answers for in this very conflicted world.

Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception DVD
Millions of people have seen UFOs and many even recall personal encounters with strange entities. The popular view is that these are advanced aliens visiting us from far away, but this compelling new documentary takes a deeper look at the events, the beliefs, the experts and the people who have shaped our views in the “otherworldly.” When one examines this phenomenon, one of the most disturbing but powerful affirmations of the spiritual realm, Christianity and the Bible becomes clearer. This documentary seeks to solve one of the most haunting and persistent mysteries of our time by addressing UFO sightings in every country, things seen on radar, what happened at Roswell, alien abductions, government cover-ups, and even a “new” religion. The truth will surprise you! 
Audience: High School–Adult
Length: 109 Mins


UFOs & ETs Pocket Guide

Star Trek, Star Wars, ET, Alien, Men in Black, Doctor Who, The X-Files, Guardians of the Galaxy. It is clear that stories of extraterrestrials have captured the imagination of Hollywood... and the world. According to a recent survey, more than a third of Americans believe that aliens have visited Earth.

This pocket guide covers:

    Why all the interest in UFOs?
    What does the Bible say?
    How do we explain all those UFOs?
    Is there an alien invasion of a different type?
    Have extraterrestrials visited Earth in the past?

Does the Bible talk about UFOs and ETs? Since these are modern terms, we shouldn't be surprised that the Bible does not directly mention them. On the other hand, the Bible does give us information to help us develop a biblical response to UFOs and ETs. Ultimately, we must allow God's Word to be our authority in every area.


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