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Creation Basics & Beyond

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Creation Basics & Beyond


Creation or evolution? It is extremely important we understand the truth about origins. Christians especially need to know whether the Genesis account of creation is truth or myth. After all, if the Bible is false on its very first page, then how can we have confidence in what follows?

You don't need to be an expert to unravel the evidence. Creation Basics & Beyond offers a thorough introduction to the basic issues involved in the creation-evolution debate. Written by ICR's team of scientists and scholars, this revised and expanded edition offers the most up-to-date science impacting the questions of origins. Readers will discover an abundance of useful information showing how science confirms the Bible's accuracy and authority on all matters. Covering the fields of biology, geology, astronomy, and more, this book demonstrates that not only does the scientific evidence not support evolution, it strongly confirms the biblical account of creation. Creation Basics & Beyond clearly shows that the Bible really is what it claims to be -- the inspired Word of the living God.

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